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  • Sustained efforts to enhance customer value and quality
  • Ethical and professional service
  • Mortgage and Finance services
  • Real Estate – Booking of new properties / Pre-Launches project
  • Investment Consultancy and ROI calculation
  • NRI Services
  • Bank loan service – Need for & amount of loan – Help in loan process
  • Corporate Sales/Bulk bookings for MNCs & Corporates
  • Helps client for site visit
  • Value of investments
  • After sales service till possession
  • We listen to client queries, doubts, suggestions and problems
  • For NRI

    An NRI residing outside India has permission to purchase the property in India. He can establish his office and business in any area. However, in such a case a declaration is required to be filed with the Reserve Bank, within 90 days of the acquisition of immovable property. An Indian citizen residing outside India does not need any permission for buying property in India, but in cases of plantation, agricultural, farm house property there are some conditions which are supposed to be followed properly.

    An NRI do not need any permission to transfer commercial, residential property legally acquired by him in India by way of gift to a person resident in India or to person resident outside India who is a citizen of India or to an NRI.

    A person of Indian origin residing outside India or An NRI does not need any permission to acquire any immovable property in India by way of inheritance from a person resident outside India who had acquired such property in accordance with the provisions of the foreign exchange law in force at the time of acquisition by him or the provisions of these Regulations or from a person resident in India.


    In the event of sale of immovable property, not including Plantation property, Agricultural land, Farm house in India by a person resident outside India, who is a person of Indian origin or citizen of India, the authorized dealer may allow repatriation of the sale proceeds outside India, provided All the following conditions are satisfied.

    The immovable property was acquired by the seller in accordance with the provisions of the Exchange Control Rules/Regulations/Law in force at the time of acquisition, or the provisions of the Regulations framed under the Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999. After three years from the date of acquisition the sale takes place of such immovable property or from the date of payment of final installment of consideration for its acquisition, whichever is later.


  • We have access to all the available properties on the market, not just the ones within one Agents window.
  • Through our industry contacts we also have first access to some properties not yet on the market
  • You will save time. You have a busy schedule and many Hours can be spent researching, attending inspections and gathering information for just one property.
  • We only shortlist properties which meet your criteria
  • We know the best and worst information about an area or neighbourhood.
  • We understand that agent’s professional photography is designed to make the property look larger and more desirable.
  • Our rental figures are based on the market and not inflated promises.
  • We can show you the REAL WORTH of the property helping to protect your future value.
  • We know how many properties are approved for development in the area you’re looking to invest in.
  • “In your super busy life, schedule time for your investment future whilst outsourcing the leg work.”


    Sell and Buy Properties

    Metro Real Estate works with over 50 top real estate developers of Ahmedabad, Gujarat. We offer choice of hundreds of development project in and around Ahmedabad..Our resale property bank is even larger. At Metro Real Estate we offer our client services for Buying and Selling of properties in Ahmedabad, Sanand, Gandhinagar, DholeraSR. We assist you in sale and purchase of various categories of real estate options in Residential, Commercial, and Retail etc. We represent all leading builders of the nation which are renowned for their excellence and contribution in the field of real estate such as AdaniShantigram, Aditya Realty, Gala Heaven, Godrej Garden City, Savvy Swaraj, Pacifica Reflection. We offer a wide and diversified range of properties, be it Residential or Commercial, which includes Apartments, Residential Plots, Independent Foors, Villas, Commercial Plots, Showrooms, Shops, etc. We not only help you in buying and selling your properties but also provide complete assistance in providing all the Financial Assistance such as Home loan processing, Funds management, etc as well Legal Assistance such as approvals, transfers, and registration, etc. Moreover we update you with the upcoming scenarios prevailing for the property, time to time.


    Investment Solutions

    India has displaced US as the second-most favored destination for FDI in the world. The Real Estate sector is today witnessing development in all area such as Residential, Retail and Commercial. The Indian real estate market has shown growth of 30 percent in the recent times. With the rapid growth, the investment options have also increased and with it has increased the complexity to understand each product. With a vast Indusrty Experience and knowledge of over 12 years we specialize in guiding you the best Real estate option available based on your financial profile along with close surveys and analysis of the product, and other factors attached to the prospects of the investment. We offer complete and transparent solutions to our investor, be it small or an Institutional investor. Our approach has always been to offer the best suited and customized option based on the financial and other requirements of our client.


    Project Planning & Development

    In today’s real estate environment, property managers, real estate developers, and construction contractors are facing a myriad of challenges. With changing government policies, Land acquisition law, type of land use, variation in land prices etc it seems nearly impossible for any developer or investor to acquire land and develop the same. We assist builders, developers, and investors to identify and acquire properties having excellent growth potential through Joint venture or direct investment. Moreover we offer complete project management solutions starting from Land acquisitions to Land layout planning, Project Approvals, Joint venture Partner identification, Partnership for project development, Product mix for project promotion. Through our experience and expertise in the local market we help our client not only increase the profitability of the project but also reduce the cost of project development, time and hassles involved.


    Project Promotions

    In todays world of competition where there are many real estate projects coming up every builder needs to have strong market associations to promote their projects. They need to have strong Sales and Marketing strategy along with compelete Market knowledge to make the project successful. We represent all leading builders of the nation which are renowned for their excellence and contribution in the field of real estate such as AdaniShantigram, Aditya Realty, Gala Heaven, Godrej Garden City, Savvy Swaraj, Pacifica Reflection.


    Rent / Lease

    We also specialize in renting/leasing services whether you want to give or take property on rent/lease. This service is no different than our buying or selling services; i.e. if you want to take property on rent/lease, we can offer you numerous choices suitable to your requirements and budget from our large databank. And if you want to give property on rent/lease we can provide plenty of affirmative leads that most likely just need the right direction to be converted into a sale deal. With years of practice in offering reliable services we have attained expertise in solving property problems. We effectively understand customers’ demand that in turn enables us to interpret each purchase inquiry and sell order precisely. This is the factor that governs our decision making process and stands behind our successful track record.


    Rent / Lease

    Commercial real estate can be broken down into several different categories. At a high level, when people think of different types of commercial real estate, they typically think about shopping centers, office buildings, or warehouses. But the commercial real estate industry is much more precise when it comes to defining property types. Below is a list of different types of commercial real estate with a description of how each category is typically defined. Classification. Office buildings are usually loosely grouped into one of three categories: Class A, Class B, or Class C. These classifications are all relative and largely depend on context. Class A buildings are considered the best of the best in terms of construction and location. Class B properties might have high quality construction, but with a less desirable location. And Class C is basically everything else.

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